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Be proactive

Many victims have found just sitting back and waiting for others to take care of them has only led to disappointments and delays. They have benefited more by taking focused action. This means instead of each making calls to different officials or company representatives, they all call the same people. In that way their collective voices are much likelier to be responded to.

Email and Phone

Many victims have found sending email followed up by telephone calls to be effective. Delays are often encountered using the USPO for mail deliveries to federal government office buildings.


Many victims have found they must follow up with their contacts in order to receive the compensation they are entitled to. It seems to work best to call every few days, much like a bill collector does, rather than wait for a response that often never comes.

Flood Insurance Problems

Since 2003, some victims have reported writing in excess of one hundred emails, and placing literally hundreds of calls each in an effort to receive fair compensation for their flood claims.

Many victims have written to the individuals in the suggested contacts section. In addition, they found it necessary to place numerous follow up calls to Under Secretary Michael Brown’s office, and more recently to his successor, David Paulison, in an effort to receive fair compensation.

Often the Undersecretary's staff has instructed the victims to call NFIP officials. This advice has not worked for many victims. Instead, it has left many victims living in FEMA campers more than two years after their loss.

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