01/29/08 FEMA's denies it ignored or manipulated formaldehyde research

11/08/07 FEMA's internal emails show high levels of formaldehyde in trailers - not safe for FEMA employees for minutes - but ok for babies and the elderly for hours? ABC 7 Video Report

10/27/07 MSNBC - FEMA fakes news conference

10/06/07 NFIP's victim's champion, Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, succumbs to cancer

06/03/07 Katrina Still Killing - Trauma from storm has boosted death rates

01/19/07 NFIP's Congressional Committee Chair gets 30-months in jail

12/14/06 Judge chastises FEMA for botched housing program

10/23/06 Victims Rally at State House to Shine the Light on FEMA and its Insurance Company Partners - Victims Request the Help of Maryland Governor Ehrlich.

04/24/06 MSNBC - Flood Insurance doesn't have you covered. Bob Sullivan reports.

02/01/06 GovExec - NFIP policyholders are left to sink or swim on there own. Justin Rood reports.

11/01/05 MSNBC - Contacting FEMA: Is anyone there? Bob Sullivan reports.

10/07/05 Katrina and Rita Disaster Assistance claims help from survivors of prior storms..

10/07/05 Katrina and Rita insurance claims help from survivors of prior storms..

10/01/05 FEMA's audits reveal error rates of 25% - 30% likely led to significant financial loss to NFIP policyholders, including wrongful denial of insurance claims..

9/22/05 Video Report - Victims of past hurricanes issue warning for Katrina Victims - "You are in for the fight of your life." CNN Reports..

9/20/05 Video Report - Gulf Coast homeowners may be in for a bitter surprise. MD Insurance Commissioner says flood adjusters "systematically low-balled thousands of MD victims". Brian Ross ABC News Investigates..

8/17/05 GAO says FEMA's flood mapping program lacks standards for determining levels of flood risk..

7/12/05 Experts warn Congress FEMA’s flood maps are flawed leaving homeowners unwittingly in harm’s way..

6/08/05 FEMA, CSC, Insurers and others named in $2 Billion Fraud Suit..

6/03/05 Rep. Fitzpatrick, R-PA, video report on NFIP problems uncovered in Congressional hearing..

5/18/05 Inspector General testifies he found "problems across the board in FEMA ... in each and every program."

4/14/05 Congressional Hearing on NFIP - Written and Video testimony..

3/18/05 MD Ins. Comm. urges collegues from OH to TX to join in efforts to remedy serious NFIP issues..

3/1/05 First floor coverage, LOMA and LOMR-F issues.

2/17/05 PA joins with MD, VA, NC and FL in calling for Congressional oversight of FEMA.

1/26/05 US Rep. Davis, R-VA, calls upon President Bush to issue a directive to FEMA - comply with the law;and requests every effort be taken to investigate the NFIP, its contractors and insurance partners. She also calls for a Congressional investigation.

1/26/05 Senators Sarbanes and Mikulski call for Governmental Affairs Committee to expand their investigation of alleged fraud into FEMA's NFIP after constituents were shortchanged millions of dollars by NFIP's insurance partners.

1/14/05 Victims from seven states make group demand to FEMA, CSC, WYO’s and others for fair payment of their flood loss damages.

11/29/04 US Rep. Davis, R-VA, calls for DOJ to investigate whistle-blower allegations of wrongdoing within DHS, FEMA, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and private insurance companies

11/29/04 Sen. Allen, R-VA, fourth Senator to call for DOJ investigation into the claims handling practices of the NFIP, its contractors and business partners

11/24/04 Former Fed. Ins. Adm. and TX Ins. Commissioner, "Under my tenure the policyholders were always restored to their pre-flood condition, less their deductible."

11/24/04 New Questions about FEMA Whistle-blower's documents - Top story WINK TV

11/15/04 US Rep. Davis, R-VA, concerned VA flood victims haven't received fair insurance settlements 14 months after their loss

11/05/04 Sen. Dole, R-NC, calls for DOJ to investigate whistle-blower's allegations of DHS wrongdoing and FEMA cover-up

10/19/04 US Probe of FEMA requested; Sec. Ridge asked to intercede

10/15/04 US Senators ask DOJ to Investigate Whistle-blower's allegations

10/15/04 US Senators ask Sec Ridge to personally oversee FEMA's problems

10/7/04 Federal whistle-blowers concerned about reprisals

10/6/04 Sworn Statement regarding alleged cover up within DHS Office of the Inspector General

10/5/04 Victims complain DHS Inspector General is attempting to intimidate; Calls for DOJ investigation

09/28/04 Interim Report on root causes of FEMA claims problems

09/24/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - A Flood of Problems, Chris Cifatte reports

09/24/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Insurance May Not Cover As Much As You Think, Chris Cifatte reports

09/24/04 Library: Fuel Oil Contamination Link

09/23/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Insurance after Isabel, Mike Shuh reports. 10k offered for 47k claim

09/23/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Isabel hearing six months after the disaster, Alex DeMetrick reports from Capitol Hill

09/23/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Isabel victims angered over treatment by Insurers, Dennis Edwards reports

09/23/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Hurricane Isabel Aftermath – Part 1, Sally Thorner reports

09/23/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Isabel victims still looking for help, Adam May reports

09/23/04 Network News - Previous Broadcast - Bowley’s Quarters in Baltimore County Still Recovering form Hurricane Isabel, Dennis Edwards reports.

09/21/04 Network News - Charges by US Senator - Surprised FEMA is not on the victim's side; Obvious contradiction between FEMA and Congressional intent

09/20/04 Network News - Adjuster accusations of industry price fixing;
09/14/04 Isabel-like problems now affecting Floridians;
11/13/03 FEMA states victims are to recover on their own

09/20/04 Larsen Report "smoking gun" document

09/17/04 US Attorney Investigation

09/17/04 DHS Investigation

09/17/04 GAO Investigation

09/17/04 FEMA Reneges on Audit

09/17/04 Adjusters Forum