Maryland Governor Ehrlich Supports Flood Insurance Fraud Victims' Efforts to Receive Justice.

Rally in front of the State House.

Wednesday, October 25th at 8:00 p.m. to:

Shine the Light on FEMA’s Insurance Company Partners

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Your Neighbors Urgently Need Your Help.

Please Come and Show Your Support.


Why: Marylanders were wrongfully denied their flood insurance settlements after Tropical Storm Isabel. The Maryland Insurance Commissioner found that insurance adjusters “systematically low-balled the losses of thousands of Maryland victims.” The Maryland Insurance Administration and FEMA suggested that the victims file suit.


Recently, a federal judge in Maryland disagreed with others before him, and ruled that he believes Congress intended to shield FEMA’s private insurance company partners, giants like Allstate, Nationwide, Omaha, Selective and State Farm from any consequences for their intentional bad acts, effectively barring the victims the right to recover their consequential damages. Some families remain homeless. Others have split, divorced and filed for bankruptcy leaving many new single parent households.


Maryland’s insurance fraud victims urged the Governor to support the efforts of Steve Kanstoroom – the fraud investigator who uncovered the root causes of the low-balling. The Governor’s staff has pledged his support of Kanstoroom’s solutions, including enlisting the help of the White House and Congress to make it clear that Congress never intended to shield private insurance companies from consequences for their intentional wrongdoing.


Come and hear the Governor’s plans to help Marylanders who have been victimized by corporate bullies, and why if you have homeowners insurance or flood insurance in Maryland, you too are living with a false sense of security.


Fact: If your homeowners insurance company intentionally fails to fairly pay your claim, or refuses to pay it at all, you may not seek consequential damages no matter how egregious their intentional bad acts.


Fact: Your homeowners insurance company can hold the money to pay your claim, in a tax free interest bearing account, and never pay your claim, and face no consequences.


Fact: The Maryland Insurance Administration has the authority to levy a single fine of only five-hundred dollars against your insurance company for unfairly paying your homeowners claim and no authority for regulating the same company with regard to flood insurance.


Fact: Although small claims are often paid, large claims are often denied.


Fact: Insurance companies claim they are immune from consequences for intentionally defrauding homeowners. Companies include: American Bankers, American Reliable, Brethern, Farmers, Fidelity, Harleysville, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Omaha, Selective, State Farm, Travelers, Westfield and nearly 90 others.


Fact: Maryland deserves better. Come hear the solutions proposed by the victims of insurance fraud and the action steps which they have urged our Governor to take.


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Note: Media should gather no later than 7:45 p.m. at Lawyers Mall, right in front of the north steps of the Statehouse. Organizers will hand out press packages and direct photographers to the best spots to take photos.

Sponsored by: FEMA Fraud Victims For Justice, Insurance Victims for Insurance Reform.


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