Victims from seven states make group demand to FEMA, CSC, WYO’s and others for fair payment of their flood loss damages.


Freeman & Freeman, P.C. has forwarded a group letter to FEMA, CSC and others demanding prompt resolution of their clients’ claims under their flood insurance policies. Any attorneys’ costs and fees incurred in connection with the letter will be sought from those to whom the letter was directed, and not from the flood victims.

Many believe the group letter has the best chance of success if large numbers of victims band together now. Without that they believe the short term chances of fair settlements are very remote. Accordingly, permission was requested from Martin Freeman at Freeman & Freeman, P.C. to provide other flood victims access to his firm for the purpose of joining in the group letter through . If you wish to join the flood victims for whom this letter has been sent, you must submit your request by providing the information via the linked request form at the bottom of this page and a retainer agreement will be forwarded to you for your signature. Freeman & Freeman, P.C. cannot represent victims without a completed retainer agreement.

There is information and documentation supporting claims of breach of contract and fraud, among other claims, found on this site. Should the group letter fail to result in fair claims settlements under their flood insurance policies, and should any flood victim wish to pursue an action in Court, at that time the flood victim would be required to sign a retainer agreement in which the attorney’s fee would be contingent upon recovery. In other words, no recovery, no fees.

If you wish to be included in the group letter demanding a prompt and fair settlement of your claim, please read, complete and submit the linked on-line demand letter request (request to include your name on the letter).

In the meantime, we will continue working with state and federal government leaders, and the press, to bring maximum pressure on those who are responsible to pay your claims. In that connection, we are pleased to report that the Baltimore County Executive and the Maryland Insurance Commissioner have both recognized that the legal representation approach discussed here is an option available to the flood victims, and have committed to state so in a press release. Moreover Al Redmer, Jr., the Maryland Insurance Commissioner, has agreed to directly notify the flood victims who have registered complaints with his office of this option. Commissioner Redmer has also offered to have the Maryland Insurance Administration take demand letter requests from those victims who do not have internet access and forward those requests to Freeman and Freeman, P.C.

Click here to submit your request to be included on the demand letter.



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