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Catastrophe Adjuster

Friend or Foe?

FEMAINFO.US has made great strides in unraveling claims related problems. Some of the greatest progress we have made came from information received from catastrophe adjusters wanting to help the victims. To us it appears many feel trapped by the system they work in. Many speak of being pushed by mangers from afar to make determinations they feel are incorrect, directed by people with little if any hands on experience.

Professional catastrophe adjusters are often asked to perform extraordinarily difficult work under grueling circumstances. The very nature of their work requires them to work long hours in very difficult physical conditions. It is not uncommon for them to be subjected to environmental contaminants such as mold, fiberglass, fuel oil and sewage. Often they must crawl though hot, dark, cramped wet areas infested by snakes and rodents.

Many catastrophe adjusters are on the road for months at a time, separated from their family and loved ones. Depending on the type of claim they are working on, they often do not receive any compensation until the proof of loss is signed. They must purchase computers, software, equipment and training. Yet at the same time they are aware the company they are working for has set their money aside in a tax free interest bearing account. The insurance company they work for makes more money by withholding their paycheck – just the same as with policyholder’s settlement checks.

Professional catastrophe adjusters also have to contend with endless paperwork and complications much the same as policyholders. And perhaps most difficult, they are often the messenger – the one delivering information a policyholder least wants to hear. Making matters more difficult, the adjusters must be familiar with a number of different types of insurance policies and in the back of their mind is yet another concern, a claim against their insurance.

Catastrophe adjusters carry insurance in the event they make a judgmental error the carrier contends cost them money. When such an event occurs, the carrier can make a claim against the adjuster’s insurance policy.

Experienced catastrophe adjusters often have tremendous construction related knowledge as well as specialized knowledge concerning repairs. If you are fortunate enough to work with a seasoned adjuster, you may find their knowledge of remediation techniques for example surpass those of many contractors.

Many victims have reported what they believe to be abusive adjustment practices. Our investigation has revealed the majority of adjusters are dedicated, hardworking and honest. In some cases they make numerous repeat trips to a policyholder’s home in an effort to provide the claimant with everything they believe they are entitled to. In other cases, it is the adjuster that brings a policyholder trapped due to a destroyed vehicle much needed food, water or other essentials.

At this time catastrophe adjusters are coming under pressure from all directions. Some feel their jobs are being jeopardized by automation. All feel as we do – a desk adjuster a thousand miles away from a loss is no match for a professional adjuster on the scene. Yet, many adjusters feel such a growing trend.

Much of the problems we have seen between policyholders and adjusters stem from training issues. Catastrophe adjusters must be able to rely upon their marching orders. When the orders are incomplete or otherwise flawed, problems occur. Unfortunately it is the catastrophe adjuster that usually receives the brunt of the ill will when in fact they are as much a victim in many cases as the insured.


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