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About Us

FEMAINFO.US is an informational site run by the victims, for the victims, of catastrophes. The site is intended to help victims receive the compensation they are entitled to and justice in the event they are mistreated.

Our goal is to provide information to help spare victims from the same problems we have encountered. It has taken thousands of hours to compile this information.

At this time all of our efforts remain volunteer.

What We Do
We advocate on behalf of victims by working with legislators and government officials.

We educate insurance policyholders, legislators, the media and others interested in helping victims of catastrophic loss.

We collect information regarding abuses and wrongdoing in insurance claims practices by carriers, examiners, adjusters, engineers, and agents. We bring such practices to the attention of the proper authorities, officials and legislators in an effort to halt the abuse.

What We Have Found
A close relationship exists between FEMA and the property insurance industry. Some believe this relationship permits unfair claims practices to continue largely unchecked.

How We Found It
Hurricane Isabel victims received pennies on the dollar claims for their flood and wind claims. The victims banded together and compared notes. A victim's group was started and several of the victims teamed up to uncover the root causes of the unfair settlements.

Who We Are
We are victims of Hurricane Isabel who have received or witnessed pennies on the dollar insurance settlements. We have collected victim's names, contact information and been part of the Isabel Victim's Group. One of the names collected was Dare County North Carolina resident Beth Midgett.

Beth Midgett is a North Carolina property manager responsible for nearly three hundred non-resident homes on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Her firm also has a construction business.

When Hurricane Isabel struck, Ms. Midgett took it upon herself to help her clients by providing insurance adjusters access to her clients damaged homes. She quickly found a significant disparity between carriers, adjusters, adjusting firms and others involved in the claims process. Ms. Midgett found what was covered on one property was denied next door yet both properties had identical policies and coverage amounts.

Ms. Midgett became an expert on major coverage issues, has worked closely with FEMA senior officials as well as North Carolina state and local officials.

Steve Kanstoroom is a resident of Talbot County Maryland and Hurricane Isabel victim. In November 2003 his insurance examiner at Omaha Property and Casualty took several positions he believed were inconsistent with his policy. These positions effectively denied nearly two hundred thousand dollars in coverage. Next, the examiner suggested that Mr. Kanstoroom bring suit in federal court. This raised a red flag to Mr. Kanstoroom - a retired pattern recognition and fraud detection expert. When he saw his elderly neighbors received a pennies on the dollar claim from Selective Insurance, and heard first hand that their third party adjuster was refusing them an advance payment, he started to investigate. Mr. Kanstoroom took his twenty two years experience in protecting multi-billion dollar bank and corporate portfolios, experience gained from leading experts of the nation's largest banks, credit bureaus, MasterCard International, Visa USA, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Inspectors and others, and focused it on finding the root cause of the problems.

Kanstoroom's Omaha Property and Casualty initial proof of loss at 85K, subsequently raised to 250K.

Neighbor's Selective Insurance initial proof of loss at 20K, subsequently raised to 70K.

Neighbor's Allstate Insurance initial proof of loss at 18k, subsequently raised to 44K.

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