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Campers, Trailers and Mobile Homes


FEMA offers Direct Assistance in the form of campers, trailers and mobile homes. Direct Assistance is available to eligible applicants in addition to cash grants.

Disaster survivors are often elated to be assigned a camper, trailer or mobile home after they have been homeless. However, these types of accommodations are often not suitable for extended use in harsh climates.

Campers are more often intended for recreational use by their manufacturers. They are generally not designed by their manufacturers for long term use in extremely hot or cold climates and lack adequate insulation. Most do not have any form of ventilation, humidification or dehumidification. As a result, air is not properly conditioned and significant mold and other health related problems result.

For example, due to the high levels of humidity in warmer months, cloth materials such as upholstery and stored clothing grow significant mold throughout the campers. In hotter months often times air conditioners cannot maintain a safe temperature. In colder months, heaters cannot keep up. Pets left unattended have perished due to equipment malfunctions and the ensuing rapidly changing temperature. Pipes often freeze in colder months rendering indoor plumbing inoperable.

Many letters have been written to FEMA officials about these problems. Click here to view several letters in the Congressional Record related to campers (letters 2 - 5) and that motivated the media to cover the stories.

It took FEMA's contractors weeks to respond to these problems leaving the families and children living in them to fend for themselves.



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